- Dress appropriately and gather in the living room as if attending Mass in the church... Avoid the attitude of watching mass, like watching movies or news etc. In some cases, if you want to receive the Lord, you can arrange with the parish priest to discuss in detail how to approach it in accordance with the liturgical law.

- In case of necessity, please do not hesitate to contact the priests

- In addition to private and personal prayers; you should say the Rosary together

- It is also possible to mediate the Stations of the Cross together, to read and meditate the Scriptures together and to pray for the Pope’s intention for the Indulgences during this pandemic ...

Trusting to the Mercy of God and Mary and St Margaret Mary to keep you and your family safe. More than ever, let us be in communion of love and support, caring for one another in the family as well as in the community.


Sincerity in Christ.

Fr Anthony Nguyen SDB, PP.